20mph Speed Limit Scheme for Harlton

In April this year, at the Annual Village Meeting, the Parish Council reported it would explore options for traffic calming measures in the village.  This included eligibility for Cambridgeshire County Council, Local projects 20mph speed limit funding scheme 2023/24.

Funding and delivery of a 20mph initiative for Harlton was formally approved by Cambridgeshire Highways and Transportation Committee on the 3rd October. The costs will be met in full by CCC.  

The scheme would be implemented between March – September 2024.

The Parish Council welcomes your views before it makes a decision on whether to proceed with the scheme to introduce a 20mph limit or withdraw the application.

  • Would you support a 20mph limit throughout the village? YES/NO
  • Do you feel a 20mph limit will improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders?
  • Strongly Agree/Agree Neither Agree/ Disagree Disagree/ Strongly disagree
  • Do you feel a 20mph will encourage more people to walk and cycle for short journeys. YES/NO
  • What difference might the introduction of 20mph speed limit make to you personally.
  • Any other comments? Why would a 20mph limit benefit Harlton?

Please email your responses to clerk@harltonparishcouncil.org.uk by 8th November or return the FORM: to 15 Haslingfield Road, Harlton.

The Parish Council will consider the responses at its November meeting when it makes a decision on whether to proceed with the scheme.

Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs for Harlton

The Parish Council has also investigated costs and permissions for mobile vehicle activated signs (MVAS) for Harlton. The County Council no longer permit permanent highways vehicle activated signs. It is policy that the signs are temporary and moved regularly to new locations. Costs of the MVAS units are around £4,000 plus installation costs of posts where required.

The County Council provides an annual opportunity for funding through the Local Highway Improvement Initiative (LHI) – which hopefully will reopen for applications for 2024/2025, in the Autumn of this year. This is a popular route with parish councils and community groups to meet 90% of costs for the installation of MVAS scheme, which can take up to 12 months to process to complete.

Given the costs of the MVAS units and installation, the Parish Council has submitted an Expression of Interest for funding in advance of the 2024/25 LHI application round. There is no guarantee the application for funding will be successful.

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